Welcome to the Natural History Museum of Kópavogur. The focus of the main exhibition is on Icelandic ecology and geology. In the ecological section, visitors are guided through Icelandic terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems from the deepest oceans towards the highest mountains.

The ocean

Sea cliffs

Coastal and lowland areas

Wetlands and woodlands

The highlands

The geological section highlights the forces that drive the constant recreation of Iceland, as the visitors walk through the time oriented exhibition from old bedrock basalt and minerals towards volcanic ash from the latest eruptions.

Continental drift and eruption zones

Rocks and minerals

Living organisms are usually well adapted towards regular changes such as shifting tides or seasons. They also adapt towards slow changes, like those resulting from continental drift. Such adaptations may trigger evolution and formation of new species - which is exactly what can be found in the otherwise species poor Icelandic freshwater fauna. 

Icelandic ecosystems in a changing world